To understand and celebrate the legacy of Harlem rapper, Big L, atmos and Pleasures sat down with New York producer Buckwild, at the iconic Engine Room Studio for a historic replay of Big L’s greatest moments as an MC and a person. Drawing from personal memories, Buckwild recounted the special partnership the two had, like teaming up in the studio for “Put it On” - now Big L’s most streamed song.  “​​He was a person who always inspired me to level up,  always giving his best and he always had a vision for the end result,” recalled Buckwild. He dives into how dangerous L was as an MC early on at a young age— thoughtful, sharp, and always thinking about his next move. 

We also hear from Buckwild about the connection between Big L and Harlem, where he grew up. Representing 139th and Lennox - the street now named after him and where his mural still stands. “For L, Harlem was everything. Where you’re from is your heart. And Harlem is very proud of L.” 

This duo would come together for other hits and eventually be recognized as two of the greatest at their craft. Big L’s legacy in Harlem and rap is undisputed, and Buckwild made sure the story of Big L lives on, “L was an MC’s MC…I could always trust him to write something dope. He wasn't just saying words, we were making harmony,” Buck reminds us. 

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