What do you usually do on Sundays?

We had a chance to talk with the women behind Sunday Drop Shop, a retail experience started by three black women that aim to curate well-designed objects and feel-good items made by people of color.

Check out the entire conversation with Sunday Drop Shop below.

How did the concept for Sunday Drop come about?

During the start of the pandemic, as the days blended together and we were spending all of our time at home, the three of us were inspired to bring some new energy into our spaces.  We would drop things we loved into our group chat—from ceramics, to glassware, to jewelry, to candles —the more we shared, the more we realized that the majority of the items we found online were so rarely made by people of color. This made us wonder - where are these creators? Why is there less visibility? Is there a space where Black and Brown artistry is celebrated in a curated way? And lastly, how can we create that space if it doesn’t exist? We started Sunday Drop as an answer to these questions. 


The name for the shop has a ring to it, what is the meaning behind the name?

Being that we mainly sell home goods, or “feel good items” as we like to call them - we wanted to evoke that Sunday feeling of being at home, relaxing, listening to music, candles lit, etc. Our original business model was to have monthly drops, which we’re starting to get back to now. 

You note that Sundays are restorative, which we all can agree on in some capacity - walk me through a typical Sunday, or I guess, a perfect Sunday.

Maya: For me Sundays are about refocusing and thinking about my week ahead. So the perfect Sunday at home would be - apartment is clutter free, good scents, music playing all day, windows open slight breeze, and I think I would add dinner in the neighborhood and a long walk home after. 

Natalie:  Sunday’s are all about balance for me - I like to get outside, ride my bike, and hang on my roof with friends especially while it’s warm out. But equally as important to me is taking time to slow down - napping on a sunny spot in my apt, reading a book, and listening to music. 

Marian: I enjoy cooking for the people I love. It’s almost meditative. My perfect Sunday would be listening to reggae oldies, lighting my favorite candles, and sipping on a glass of sparkling wine while making dinner to eat out on my deck while the weather is still beautiful. 

Why is it important for Black and Brown creatives to create or be a part of spaces for people who look like them?

Because you rarely see it. There's so much power in all of us working and creating together. This is why community is so important to our brand. We want creatives and makers to be able to share successes, network, and support each other’s businesses in a genuine and authentic way.

What does “home” mean to you?

We're all big on good energy, so a space that feels good, safe, peaceful, and also aesthetically pleasing too.

One of the things that drew me  to the brand is the aesthetic as well as just the tastefulness. What are some influences that helped shape your eye, and sense of taste.

Imagine Solange invites Lil Kim over to her mid century modern inspired apartment that smells like eucalyptus, lavender, and sandalwood and then they meet up with with Kaytranada for dinner —Sunday Drop is that in shop form. 

We’re a sneaker company, so it would be wrong not to ask about your current rotation. What sneakers are currently in your rotation? Or better yet, what are your go-to's at the moment?

Maya: Like a lot of people right now, I'm into Asics. They're undeniably comfortable and the colorways are getting better. Nike Spiridons are definitely my go-to though, I love that shoe. 

Marian: I’ve always been a high-top Converse kinda girl. My partner, the real sneaker head, has been pushing me outside my comfort zone—she recently got me a pair of Uptempo’s that I’m loving right now. 

Nat: I’ve always leaned toward all white sneakers, right now my go-tos are my Nike Vomeros and Air Forces. Currently patiently awaiting the arrival of a new pair of Asics to round out my current rotation.

What advice would you give other creatives looking to start a passion project but currently don’t know where or how to start?

Just go ahead and start, and work in a team if you can. We can all agree that doing this alone would make it 10 times harder. 

What was your most recent home goods purchase?

Maya: Last thing I bought was an incense holder from ALL CAPS STUDIO

Natalie:  I bought a Rebecca Maria print a while back and finally got it framed!

Marian: I just bought a set of vintage coupe glasses while on a trip in Easton, PA

The brand started not too long ago, and it is already garnering a bit of attention; what are your plans for the future? What do you hope for this project to grow into?

We really want to focus on finding those small, lesser-known brands that are making unique items for your home. We hope that we can continue putting people onto these amazing makers of color that are out there and build a community of people who want to support their artistry and passion. It would be really dope to be able to have a brick-and-mortar shop where people can come together to shop, chill, and connect.